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Topics: Marketing, Electronic commerce, Customer service Pages: 4 (1175 words) Published: March 7, 2013
1. ANALYZE THE ANNEXED CASE STUDY RELATIVE TO DELL. DISCUSS ABOUT OTHER POSSIBLE E-BUSINESS CATEGORIES, POSSIBLY REFERRING TO OTHER COMPANIES OF YOUR CHOICE. From the case study the author can declare that Dell’s background is pretty interesting as the company pioneered direct selling and mass customization. Dell was the 1st company to offer personal computer via mail order. However, Dell encountered some difficulties in terms of competition (with Compaq) which conduct dell to make huge losses (>$100 million in 1994). However, years later dell made perfect use of a break through in technology“The Internet”. Dell was renewed for its direct sales to customers by phone and now through internet. Dell utilizes this new medium to be back in business through ebusiness. By the term e-business, the author actually refers to business transactions and communication that are carried out through computers, over networks and internet. Using this path, Dell battered Compaq, thus becoming the No. 1 in worldwide shipments in year 1999. Today Dell generates more than $50 million per day in sales through its worldwide websites. E-business is central to Dell’s entire operations and he uses e-business extensively across its value chain to deliver high level of services to its customers and suppliers. Thus, Dell found a new way of buying and selling through e-business. So, how does Dell operates? Dell sells directly to the customer, cutting out the middle man, distributor, & retailer. This is one major advantage of ecommerce. In different situations, Dell uses various e-business categories mainly: B & B – business to business, B & C - business to customers, B & G – business to Government. With B & C, Dell enables you to purchase from its website and you the customer can now even configure your PC or other product sold by Dell. The company has also transformed through B & B how the business world operates from the supply side to the selling side and all the banking as well as...
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