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Unit 403

Managing Information Systems

The material in this guide has been developed for use in the following programs:       Graduate Certificate of Management (Technology Management) Graduate Diploma of Management (Technology Management) Master of Business Administration (Technology Management) Graduate Certificate of Management Graduate Diploma of Management Master of Business Administration

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Acknowledgments All secondary source materials have been copied under Chifley Business School's statutory licence in accordance with Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968. Disclaimer While every attempt has been made to ensure that the information and advice included in the podcasts is correct and complete, all comments, and opinions included are intended for instructional purposes only. No material contained in the podcasts is to be relied upon as information or advice, or as the basis for formulating business decisions. Chifley Business School (CBS) and the interviewees do not accept any responsibility for any actions and/or consequences of those actions as a result of relying on the information provided in these podcasts.


Unit outline Unit 403—Managing Information Systems

Topic 1: Managing IS to seize new strategic opportunities The rise of information systems The information society IS management challenges Organisational needs and investment The organisational learning curve

Topic 2: Managing using a systems approach The systems view Systems analysis in context Approaches to systems analysis Data-flow diagrams (DFDs) Entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs) IS development methodologies Information-strategy planning Business-area analysis System planning and design Construction and cutover Key characteristics

Topic 3: Information systems and strategy Essential elements of strategy The IS strategy triangle The information economy Competitive advantage and strategic information systems SIS approaches How to identify and justify strategic opportunities

Topic 4: Business models in the information economy Information systems' effects on organisation Entering the network economy Business models in the network economy Applying the value chain to e-Business Implications for business in the network economy

Topic 5: Moving from IS to IT planning IS planning considerations Developing an IS vision Developing an IT architecture Enterprise architecture Developing the IS strategic plan Developing operational IT plans

Topic 6: Managing organisational data Why manage data? Typical...
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