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Topics: Writing, Editing, Human Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Freewriting Summary
Mina Ghaly
WRI 101
American University of Sharjah
March 13, 2013

Writing is one of the most powerful tools for human being. Without writing the human have any voice, he will not be heard. There are two types of writing: freewriting and academic writing. Academic writing is the normal writing which must be read by someone and edited from grammar mistakes. While freewriting is the tool to improve the academic writing because it is not edited, no one will read it and finally freewriting improve the train of thoughts.

In the article “Freewriting,” Peter Elbow mentions how to improve writing skill from his own experience is to do freewriting exercise regularly and this will help to improve writing skill. Freewriting is non-editable sort of writing and no one should read it. Furthermore, people whom quit writing Elbow mentions that they quit writing because of editing part specially the grammar part. Elbow also added that, freewriting will improve the word generating.

Elbow supports his article by an example of how to do freewriting exercise and another personal example from his own experience. Elbow also mentions a way to start freewriting and to have good introduction. He also says that in the editing part people start to “edit unacceptable thoughts and feelings” (p. 3) and this editing typically appear when speaking.

Finally, Elbow mentions the benefits of freewriting and how it actually improves academic writing and become “coherent and powerful” (p. 3).

Word Count: 229

Elbow, P. (2012). Freewriting. In A. Shine et al. (Eds.), Majlis of the ‘Others.” (pp. 1-4). Essex, UK: Pearson Education Limited.
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