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Topics: Communication, Microsoft PowerPoint, Writing Pages: 9 (2615 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Spring 2 Tuesdays March 5 to April 23
Instructor: Louis D. Riccardi, Jr.
cell phone: 415-260-2692

Texts: Adler, R.B. and Elmhorst, J.M. Communicating at Work: Principles and Practices for Business and Professions 11th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2012. (Plan to read the entire text book, approximately 75 pages per week.)

Description – This course provides students with the opportunity to improve writing and speaking skills needed in the workplace. Students explore the relationship among various communications goals and the strategies for reaching them and explaining that effective communication can facilitate reaching consensus and help solve problems.

Course Objectives - to demonstrate an understanding of the components of effective communication and build skills that can be used to improve him/herself as a manager.

Specific objectives are as follows:

Students are expected to be in class by 6 PM, please do not be late. Students who miss 3 classes are automatically withdrawn from this class.
1.The student will demonstrate improvement in basic communication skills (speaking, listening and observing) through self-evaluation of these skills and will use this self-analysis to improve both communication and interpersonal skills. 2.The student will demonstrate improvement in managerial communication skills by specifically focusing on managerial practices and attitudes such as the praise and criticism of employees; conducting interviews and running efficient and effective meetings, etc. 3.The student will demonstrate improvement in building effective professional relationships through more effective communication by understanding how to evaluate different communication styles and to understand communication strategies and tactics of these different styles. 4.The student will demonstrate an understanding about building team effectiveness by working on class assignments in teams. 5.The student will demonstrate improvement in research and presentation skills through class participation and the presentation of the term project.

Assignments and Grading – This is a reading, writing, discussion and presentation course. Students are expected to complete all the readings in preparation for class. Students are expected to share their analyses of the readings and relevant management experiences in class •In classes exercises and homework – 20 points

Business Communications – Total 40 points
1.Conduct an informational interview about organization culture and communications 15 points 2.Evaluate your communication style.
Step 1 requires you to evaluate your effectiveness as a communicator and to establish a plan for growth and improvement. Then, write a short-but well-crafted- minimum three page essay that includes your assessment and your improvement plan. This essay due at the first class meeting and will be shared. Please gather feedback from friends, family and colleagues to inform your essay. The areas to assess must include your listening, verbal, writing, presentation and relationship building skills. (10 points) This plan will change/evolve until week 7. A second minimum three page report that assesses your progress will be submitted. In addition to the text book, this report will require outside research. (10 points) Finally, a short power point presentation between 7 and 10 minutes will be delivered describing your improvement plan including results. (5 points) •Term Project – Power Point Presentation (10 points) and report (15 points). 25 points. Topics options will be discussed at first class meeting. Performance on this task will be evaluated based on the quality of the scholarly research, presentation and supporting materials. Research paper will be a minimum of 6 pages. Academic/scholarly research is required. Theme topic for the project is The Future of Work in America. •Class...
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