Mr. Macintosh

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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William H. McIntosh had his beginning as a son of poor Scottish immigrants. Being born in poverty influenced him; he struggled to get an education, this influence his desions to make many educational contributions. He became a teacher, and then volunteered to organize a school for freed slaves during civil war. Which is where William fell in love with one of the teachers, Anna Cosper, and soon they were married by an Army chaplain. Miss Cosper was from DeKalb County in Indiana which their family moved back to in later years, where they remained for their lifetime. He went on and became a principal at Butler and DeKalb County school superintendent. He arranged to give his property to Auburn (3 years after his wife’s death) for a high school and his books to the Elkhart public library. He attended the dedication of the new school in 1921. Building lasted 85 years hosting 3 generations of Auburn citizens giving birth to memories, romances, and friendships. Sophomore Virgil Korff becomes first Auburn High school student to earn a four-year college scholarship, as Purdue gives him a full ride for corn-raising project presented at the State Corn and Potato Show in same year that girls’ basketball won state championship. Even baron brigade ancestor arose there, Red Shadows” becomes first team name. Sadly though it all came to an end, the school was demolished in 2009 because it was decided by the DeKalb Central school board that old school was too costly to maintain. A lot of people in the community were upset, even so upset one of graduates of old Auburn High school tried to run over Scott Minnich, a man working to tear down the school, strangely enough he is not upset and did not file charges. Many old graduates though came to school before it meet its end. They took photos trying to hold on old memories that arose there, both bad and good. Lot remains unused, but in in late 2012 DeKalb Central Schools decided to let new tech freshman propose ideas for blank 2block...
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