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Carol Stephenson and Paul Stewart (2001) 'The Whispering Shadow: Collectivism and Individualism at Ikeda-Hoover and Nissan UK' Sociological Research Online, vol. 6, no. 3, <> To cite articles published in Sociological Research Online, please reference the above information and include paragraph numbers if necessary Received: 14/11/2000      Accepted: 3/10/2001      Published: 30/11/2001

Despite recent interest in the character of individual dissonance in the workplace less attention has been given to the nature of collectivism in the context of restricted trade union behaviour. While findings on conflicts associated with collective practices have been given reasonable space, these have tended to focus on the association between collectivism qua trade unions and the presence or absence of conflict. Moreover, where the relationship between conflict and individualism provide the focus of study, this often serves to herald the demise of forms of collectivism or collectivism in general. The paper identifies three forms of collectivism in two Japanese manufacturing plants. These are; 'trade union collectivism'; 'work place collectivism' and, the 'social collectivism of everyday life'. By moving away from the conflict-consensus polarity, the intention is to shift the terms of debate over the nature of individualism and collectivism in the context of LLPs. The perceived conceptual and empirical gap is not to be closed by highlighting only incidents of dissonance, whether individually or collectively construed.

Conflict; Consensus; Individualism; Lean-labour-process; Varieties Of Collectivism; Work Non-work Associations.

"Sometimes resistance begins in whispers" (Peter Armstrong) [1] 1.1
While there has been much contemporary writing on the character of individual conflict in the workplace there has been limited focus on...

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