Mr. Klein

Topics: Sagrada Família, Differential geometry, Computer Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Between surface and substance

Euclidean 1: Gaudi and the Nave Roof for the Sagrada Familia Church: 1> This partition is about the anexact geometry: As geometry, and in the context of materiality even at the scale if the ultimate atomic skin, the best we can say is that the surface has impossible material thinness – impossible because the atoms have thickness and are shown elsewhere in this journal to form a rough not smooth surface. In other words, beyond mathematics the surface cannot be pure geometry, only an approximation, albeit well within the tolerances of human visual acuity. P. 12 left middle

Blurring the Lines:

1> AEC: architecture-engineering-construction.

2> A debate on the usefulness of parametric design: it is interesting that a software paradigm that has been fairly well appreciated by the vehicle- and product-design industries for more than a decade has not stimulated more curiosity from building designers. --- Why this happened? High cost has been an obstacle certainly, but there may also be issues such as the risk of ‘loss of authorship’ impacting on its take-up, especially by architects more senior in years and not especially disposed to consider that the ‘A’ within the CAD acronym stands for ‘aided’, not ‘automated’. --- the article from Carl Chu also mentioned about the authorship. And even J. Frazer from the paper ‘computing without computer’, also criticize the current situation that the invention of the software downgrades the creativity of architects, which they did not expect at their era. P. 111

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