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SCSIT-RJ, Journal of Computing Sciences & Information Technology

July, 2010

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Most business establishments nowadays are using Information Technology in running their operations. The use of this computerized systems and the Internet together with the services, it can help businesses that are using Information Technology (IT) to give quality services and products to their customers. Few are using manual system in their business operations such as recording or processing of data regarding their customer’s reservations. Our project is to develop an Online Reservation System (ORS) that will help Tatin’s Leisure Farm Resort & Inn to improve their services for customers and become more competitive. It may also provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to customers that will help them gain their customers loyalty. With Online Reservation System, Tatin’s Leisure Farm Resort & Inn can now extend better services for their customers which will allow them to make reservation through online. Owners can also monitor reservations and reports using the system. ORS is designed to widen the scope of business that would increase guest bookings while reducing the owner’s time on processing manual reservations. Customers can view the details, features, location of Tatin’s Leisure Farm Resort & Inn that will satisfy their criteria.

1.1 Overview of the Current State of Technology
Business world consistently changes because of new business strategies, and advanced technologies brought about by the changing needs and wants of customers. The internet contributed a lot in providing new approaches and services for companies to gain competitive advantages and to catch their customers’ loyalty that has something to do with Customer Relationship Management. The process of reservation is done through phone calls or personal interactions. In reservation, policies occur which customers must comply like filling-out reservation forms that contains personal information of the person making the reservation, details and billing computations. There are also agreements for reservation, cancellation and refunds. As mentioned, reservation fees are required, for the validation of reservation. Fees are directly being paid to the person-in-charge as full payment. Further, the people in charge often encounter problems such miscommunication and redundancy of reservation as part of it. They also process refunds in case to case basis if and only if the customer will appear before the date of reservation or earlier, only 75% of their full payment will be refunded. Internet technology has become a significant factor in business, academia, and even in day-to-day living. The change begun with advertisements and news, followed by entertainment and traditional businesses such as, retail sales, financing, brokerage, and auctions. Now, entirely new businesses and services are created on and for the internet. Our project tends to develop an Online Reservation System (ORS) that would address the said problems .It promotes and advertises the services which Tatin’s Leisure Farm Resort & Inn offers. Customers can make reservation provided that they have to fill-up forms to be able to access in the ORS. It includes time frame for cancellation of reservation. The software requirements needed to run the system are Windows XP or higher version, XAMPP or PHP Development, and Internet Explorer. Through this software, we can develop a dynamic system and able to widen its scope through Internet.

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