Mr John

Topics: Hatred, Value, Hate Pages: 3 (307 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Vocabulary Analysis

|Vocab item (include stress, phonemic |Definition |Context (story, dialogue, picture etc) and |Clarification of meaning (ccqs etc) |Problems and solutions | |transcription [if necessary] and part of | |eliciting question | | | |speech | | | | | |Sentimental value |To say smth has sentimental value, it is |Last week I lost the ring. It wasn’t too |Is its price important? No. |Sts may try to pronounce the word with two | | |not worth much money, but it is important |expensive or valuable but it was my | |stresses. | | |to you because it reminds you of someone |granny’s present. She gave it to me to my | |Russian speaking sts can use another | | |you love or happy time in the past |entering the University. I was so sad | |preposition after the phrase sentimental | | | |(downcast). It was of great sentimental | |value. Ask them to use TO smb | | | |value to me. | |...
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