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Topics: Manchester City F.C., Premier League, Manchester United F.C. Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: December 18, 2012
A Long lasting loan makes City pay up.26th Of January 2012

Last night Craig Bellamy may have finally made Manchester city pay for selling the striker only a year ago.

The striker was sold to Liverpool for a fee, nowhere near worth the value of his talents because City found him surplus to requirements, but in game said to be one of the best performances by any striker this season, Bellamy played as if he was the only man on the football pitch, he was up and down the pitch like a yo-yo, rarely was the ball not at his feet. A smile was most defiantly wiped off his former boss, Manchester city manager Roberto Mancini when Bellamy got the winner when it looked like City might just sneak through the game and claim the victory but Bellamy’s goal put Liverpool through to the Carling Cup Final, while leaving City Picking the grass out of their football boots wondering what just happened, completely mastered by the men in red. Liverpool finished with a total of 16 shots on target while City finished with a mere 4 shots, which they were lucky to get 2 past the goalkeeper.

Liverpool had the 1 – 0 advantage from the first leg, but City were quick to change that making it 1 a piece before halftime, but Liverpool were resilient as they saw off city in a game were the score could of easily of been won by 3 or 4 goals instead of the game ending 3 -2 to Liverpool over 2 legs, but Manchester city goalkeeper Joe Heart did play fantastic, making world class saves.

Comments by Liverpool manager Kenny Daglish after the game was an extra stab into the fresh open wounds of City, he stated with a smile on his face . . . . ‘’ Craig was fantastic today, the lad is pure quality and just to let city know, if they have any other ‘’useless’’ players they don’t need, ye have my number’’

Overall, this will be one game Manchester City Football Club will be hoping to forget

That’s Money Down The Drain.26th of January 2012.
Jamie O’Sullivan

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