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Topics: Marketing, Ice cream, Product management Pages: 17 (6425 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Table of contents
1. Introduction.
2. Competitor analysis.
3. New product life cycle.
4. About the Oros Brand.
5. Planning and launch of Oros Ice-cream.
6. Marketing objectives.
7. Target audience.
8. Distribution channels.
9. Oros Summer Party
10. Advertising strategy and planning.
11. Marketing and communication mix.
12. Conclusion.

This marketing article seeks to discuss the launch of the Oros Brand Ice cream which will be effectively entered into the South African market in the summer of 2012/3. Through a strong guided analysis of Oros' competitor market the brand will look at what the Ice creams objectives will be, the target markets in which they plan to capture which will be in this case children between the ages of 3 and 9 which will be thier primary target market as well as their Mother's who will be the secondary target market. Oros will then also have to look at what type of advertising they plan to impliment as well as the marketing mix tools they intend to use in order for there to be a successful product launch and further acceptance.

Competitor Analysis
A fundamental step in any brand being succesful is firstly identifying who its competitors are. Oros in this case will need to do an in depth analysis of who are the brands currently in the market of Ice creams in the target market they wish to enter into. After viewing these Oros will then have to decide which competitors they will go after and further which they will not go after. This is so as they will be big companies such as Magnum which is an ice cream brand owned by the British/Dutch Unilever company, and sold as part of the Heartbrand line of products and Country fresh Ice creams manufactured by the Nestle Brand. These big companies will most likely be Oros' main competitors as they have the skills and financial backing to go into a mass market and target the same audience as Oros plans to target. Another reason they will be a competitor is that they are already established in the Ice cream industry and will be able to penetrate more easily than Oros as they are brands with an already existing reputation within the minds of the consumer. Oros will not really worry about niche small dairy farm produced Ice-creams as they will not be able to target the same market as Oros will as well as on the same scale as Oros.

To the Oros brand however its biggest competitor will probably be Ola's ice-cream range. This is so as this Ola range seeks to target the exact same market Oros will try to penetrate. Its most famous being The Strawberry Buzz flavour.Launched in 1989, Magnum was the first ice cream on a stick especially for adults. Today, Magnum is one of the worlds leading Impulse ice cream brands, selling around 1 billion units a year. Recent successes in South Africa include Magnum Moments (the multipack range that can be found in supermarkets), Magnum Death by Chocolate, Magnum Berry Naughty and Magnum Toffee Affair. Olas Solero range has had many successful innovations. The 0% fat Solero "tubes" in Orange & Mango and pineapple & raspberry have been very successful and offer a very refreshing fruit-based treat.

Olas Paddlepop children's range has seen lots of innovation and has had children winning many exciting prizes over the last couple of years with the successful Lick a Prize promotion. One must note that Unilever is the world’s biggest ice cream manufacturer with an annual turnover of 5 billion euros. "Heartbrand" products are sold in more than 40 countries. The Heartbrand operates under different names in different markets (Walls in the UK and most parts of Asia, Algida in Italy, Langnese in Germany, Kibon in Brazil, and Ola in South Africa and the Netherlands.

Ben & Jerrys is owned by Unilever and as well as creating premium ice creams, has a fantastic social mission : the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation makes charitable donations of over $1.1million every year.

For oros to become successful they must throughly...
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