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It has been aimed to demonstrate theoretical learning of various concepts and methods of marketing with the practical approach in a real organization and here it is J. Sainsbury’s. The author will try to establish a conceptual method of various learning in the field of J Sainsbury’s day to day operation and its marketing concepts. Appendix 1 highlighted the background of J Sainsbury’s which have taken from company’s websites.


The supermarket chain Sainsbury's was founded in 1869 as a partnership. Once Sainsbury's grew in success it became a private company, then even becoming public. It is now the longest-standing major food retailing chain with 788 stores. Sainsbury's is a national commercial company who provides financial services but is mainly a supermarket retailer; selling food, clothing and home products. At J sainsburys customers are always care extra by employee and management.

Literature review:
A. Definition of Marketing (P1)

The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably (Wilmhurst 1984).

This definition encompasses all the marketing is really about, i.e. finding out what the customer wants both now and in the future and being in a position to service both current and future requirements. The need to keep in contact with the customer and to seek feedback might be a useful addition to its definition.

B. Main characteristics of J Sainsbury’s and its marketing concepts (P2+P3)

The main characteristics of J Sainsbury’s are:

• It produces fair trade product
• Wanted to provide customer fresh grocery item and others • Its aim to deliver grocery food to customer at affordable price • Its aim to deliver a great customer service
• It has aim to keep extra ordinary relationship with its employee • Wanted to be a industry leader on this sector
• Wanted to establish a good network of delivery system as well as for online orders • Establish effective selling and promotional system which drive their profit

The marketing concept is the philosophy that Sainsbury’s should analyze the needs of their customers and make decision to satisfy those needs, better than the competition. The major concepts are: Production concept- Can we produce the product:

- Can we produce enough of it?

Sales concept- Can we sell the product?
- Can we charge enough for it?

The marketing concept- What do customers want?
- Can we develop it while they still want it? - How can we keep our customer satisfied?

Elements of Marketing Concepts are:
• Customer Orientation: 
• Organisational Integration:  
• Mutually Profitable Exchange

C. Benefits and costs of a marketing approach (P4)

There are lots of benefits of marketing a product if any company wants to stay on a competitive market. The J Sainsbury’s have a huge range of media coverage (Try something new today" slogan is the current one) and also on printed media. They have contracted a media company to all of its publication and benefits associated with it are unlimited. Attract new customers, keep existing customers, beat the competitors, more sales and obviously generates more profit etc are the major benefits of using a great marketing approach.

Since 2000 Jamie Oliver has been the public face of Sainsbury's, appearing on television and radio advertisements and in-store promotional material. The deal earns him an estimated £1.2 million every year. In the first two years these advertisements are estimated to have given Sainsbury's an extra £1 billion of sales or £200 million gross profit.

D. Segmentation criteria and targeting strategies (P6+P7)

Target market: A specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services Target Marketing involves breaking a market into...
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