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Notions- Ideas
The notions of belonging are extremely fundamental in the aspects of community, nature, identity and family. Disaffection
Connections is an important aspects of belonging.
The exploration of the characters thoughts.
The concept of connection is fundamental in various aspects of notions about belonging. Embody-exemplify
The responder embody the characters emotions through emotive language. Fundamental-important
The notions of belonging are family, places, community, friends, work. Interaction-communication
The is various interactions between the characters that illustrate the aspects of belonging in the community. Enriched- improved
There is an enriched use of various poetic techniques by the persona which demonstrates the sense of belonging in the characters mind. Declaration-statement
The declaration in the picture book illustrates an intense aspect of belonging. Alternating-irregular
The composer alternatingly asserts the characters journey to her unique place where she belongs.

The composer effectively employs various literally technquies to convey the messaye of belonging. Consequently- so
Consequently the composer illustrates the concept of belonging through the mechanism perspectives of the characters. Correlates- relates
Both the text furthermore correlates the perspectives of the characters restrictions to their exploration of belonging. Inextricable- complicated
The responder inextricable uses notions of belonging to express the characters exploration of belonging. Manifests- establishes
The persona manifests the notions of belonging in a complexity perspective. Authority- expert
The responders authority manifests several fundamental concepts of belonging in a complexity manner to demonstrates Romulus discovery of belonging back in her village.
The characters feels a sense of identity after the experiences of their isolations. Consequences- costs
There is various consequences between the characters exploration of belonging through the concept of identity and the fundamental aspect is the Romulus discovery of his identity. The composer manifest the notions of belonging in a enrich manner to characters perspectives. Representation- symbol/picture

Attains- reaches
Romulus attains a sense of belonging the notions of his father’s historically perspectives.

Confines- limits
The narrator confines the characters attainment to discovery his identity.

The use of poetic device is intrinsically to the concept of belonging. Contentment- happiness
Romulus contentment over his father’s history confines his discovery of belonging.
Repetitive- boring
The text are extremely repetitive in the aspects of belonging. Essentially-basically
Characterisation is essentially an aspect of identity.
Conform- follow
Romulus conform his father’s history back home to explore his notions of belonging. Expectations
There is several expectations in both text which illustrates the characters notions about belonging. Similarly
Deliberately- purposely
The composer uses literary device whilst he clearly demonstrates the notions of belonging. Analysis
The poet analysis the notions of belonging thoroughly to examine a sense of belonging in the central characters viewpoint. Inquire- Ask
Romulus inquire his father about his historically background to verify his perspective notions of exploration of belonging. Assigned
The composer assign the context of belonging thoroughly by employing first person narration to manifest an intense sense of belonging within the text. Reinforced
The composer reinforces several concept of the characters perspective. Asserts- states
The poet asserts the characters exploration by several notions of belonging such as his identity, family, friendship and diverse sense of...
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