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Academic Word List: Sublists 7-10 with Related Vocabulary

There are often other words related to the AWL vocabulary, but they are not as commonly used (some are not used at all anymore) and will not be accepted on any of the quizzes, even if you show your teacher that the word you used is in a dictionary. The only words that will be accepted are the ones on this list. Of course, you need to know if the nouns are countable/uncountable, be able to conjugate the verbs, and know how to spell and use all these various words. Most of the nouns and verbs are listed in their base form. However, sometimes another form is listed as well because it is the form that is most commonly used in academics. As for adjectives, while many of the verbs on this list can be used in the -ed or -ing form as an adjective, only the more common ones are listed here. Remember that only the vocabulary listed is acceptable on the AWL tests.

reputable online dictionaries: If the words archaic or obsolete are written beside a, it is not used anymore. not learn that meaning of word.

n = nounadj = adjectiveconj = conjugation
v = verbadv = adverbprep = preposition

AWL Sublist 7

adaptation (n)
adapt (v)
adaptable (adj)

adults (n)
adult (n, adj)
adulthood (n)

advocate (n, v)
advocacy (n)

aid (n, v)
unaided (adj)

channel (n, v)

chemical (n, adj)
chemically (adv)

classical (adj)
classic (n, adj)

comprehensive (adj)
comprehensively (adv)

comprise (v)

confirmed (adj)
confirm (v)
confirmation (n)

contrary (n, adj, adv)
contrarily (adv)

converted (adj)
convert (n, v)
conversion (n)
convertible (adj)

couple (n, v, adj)
coupling (n)

decades (n)
decade (n)

definite (adj)
definitely (adv)
definitive (adj)
indefinite (adj)
indefinitely (adv)

deny (v)
denial (n)
undeniable (adj)
undeniably (adv)

differentiation (n)
differentiate (v)

disposal (n)
dispose (v)
disposed (adj)
disposable (adj)

dynamic (n, adj)
dynamically (adv)

eliminate (v)
elimination (n)
eliminating (adj)

empirical (adj)
empirically (adv)
empiricism (n)

equipment (n)
equip (v)

extract (n, v)
extraction (n)

file (n, v)
filing (n)

finite (adj)
infinite (adj)
infinitely (adv)

foundation (n)

global (adj)
globe (n)
globally (adv)
globalization (n)

grade (n, v)

guarantee (n, v)
guaranteed (adj)

hierarchical (adj)
hierarchy (n)

identical (adj)
identically (adv)

ideology (n)
ideological (adj)
ideologically (adv)

inferred (v)
infer (v)
inference (n)

innovation (n)
innovate (v)
innovative (adj)
innovator (n)

insert (n, v)
insertion (n)

intervention (n)
intervene (v)
intervening (adj)

isolated (adj)
isolate (v)
isolation (n)

media (n)

mode (n)

paradigm (n)

phenomenon (n)
phenomenal (adj)

priority (n)
prioritization (n)
prioritize (v)

prohibited (v)
prohibit (v)
prohibition (n)
prohibitive (adj)

publication (n)

quotation (n)
quote (n, v)

release (n, v)

reverse (n, v, adj)
reversal (n)
reversible (adj)
irreversible (adj)

simulation (n)
simulate (v)
simulated (adj)

solely (adv)
sole (adj)

somewhat (adv)

submitted (v)
submit (v)
submission (n)

successive (adj)
successor (n)
succession (n)
successively (adv)

survive (v)
survival (n)
survivor (n)

thesis (n)
topic (n)
topical (adj)

transmission (n)
transmit (v)
transmitted (adj)

ultimately (adv)
ultimate (adj)

unique (adj)
uniquely (adv)

visible (adj)
visibility (n)
visibly (adv)
invisible (adj)
invisibility (n)

voluntary (adj)
voluntarily (adv)...
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