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Topics: Endocrine system, Blood pressure, Endocrinology Pages: 4 (890 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Endocrine System and Stress Response in Humans

Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify major locations of major endocrine organs using human torso model. 2. Identify histological sections of selected endocrine organs. 3. List hormones produced by each endocrine organ and describe their effects on the human body.

4. Review the functional stages of stress response
5. Compare the effects of different stressors on activity of the autonomic nervous system. Materials:
 Stopwatches
 Step Boxes (or just use steps)
 Pain Stimulator (Cheese Grater w/dowel rods)
 Digital Metronomes (2)
 Stereo Speakers or Headphones (2)
 IPod with distracting music (2)
 Automatic Blood Pressure Cuffs (5)
 Math Problems (10 sets)
 Excel Datasheet
Assigned Tasks: (Lab Manual)
Activity 1: Identifying Endocrine Organs
 Identify the indicated endocrine organs on the human torso model (or image provided) and be familiar with the hormones they produce (no write-up required): Pituitary / Thyroid / Pancreas / Ovary / Testis

Activity 2: Microscopic anatomy of Endocrine Glands
 Examine histology of glands provided on slides. For each: 1. Be able to recognize each organ from histological sections. 2. Identify major endocrine structures or cells (e.g., eyelets of langerhans) 3. Know hormones produced by tissue and their effects

Part B: Role of A.N.S. and Endocrine System in Stress Response Purpose: To understand the physiological basis of the Stress Response Directions:
1. Form lab groups of 4-5 students.
2. Choose TWO of the following stressors (Labeled A-E).
3. Research Question: What effect will the stressor have on heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP)?

4. Form a hypothesis for each stressor tested (e.g.,“ Pain will elevate HR”) 5. Make measurements as directed and record on spreadsheet (included) 6. Construct a bar graph depicting HR & BP before, during, and after the stress in applied (be sure to average group data- don’t draw a bar for each person) 7. Write a...
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