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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Kindla Zeno
English 0309
February 22, 2013

Mr. High
My 10th grade year in high school, I was placed in an algebra 2 class. I received my class schedule and was on my own to go to my classes. Algebra 2 well, algebra period was not a good subject for me, I struggled trying to make it through the 1st half so I wasn’t really excited so I took my time getting there my class was on the far end of the hall I took a deep breath before walking in. Mr. High welcomed me as I walked in Mr. High welcomed me as I walked in Mr. High wasn’t very tall, he was Caucasian with a light complex, blonde hair, with bluish green eyes and a very deep voice he didn’t dress very fashionably before choosing my seat I noticed we had 20 different posters on the wall describing the different types of math operations, we had a total of 24 seats and Mr. High’s desk really didn’t have too much on it so I could tell he was clean how neat everything was the classroom was full of different colors. Mr. High began teaching he would ask questions but I would never want to raise my hand and answer because I would feel embarrassed if I said the wrong answers so I just didn’t say anything I continued this for about 2 weeks straight when Mr. High noticed my behavior he caught me before I tried to leave class and asked was I ok did I understand what was being taught I didn’t answer. With all the apprehension I had in the beginning by the end of the semester I achieved a B in the course. I believe I achieved this because, of the care and the time spent by Mr. High to help me understand and enjoy the class.