Mr. Hibler

Topics: Teacher, Substitute teacher, Oak Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: February 28, 2013
On a Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Hibler, a fourth grade teacher, begins to come down with what seems to be a common cold in class. He continuously is coughing and his students know that tomorrow the chances of them having a substitute are very high. They are so sure of this that they wanted to bet each other on the event, Since they’re community, Five Oaks is pretty small, they believe that they have a general idea of who the substitute will be, and what to expect from whoever it is. Surprisingly the next day a stranger lady walked into their classroom carrying a purple purse, a checkerboard lunchbox, and a few books. All of the students stared as she walked in and then she began to draw an oak tree on the blackboard. As she turned around to face the class she informed them that staring wasn’t permitted and then introduced herself as Miss Ferenczi, and then told a brief story about her. Shortly after she began to start the lesson when Jeanni Vermeesh interrupted her to tell her that Mr. Hibler usually started the day off with the Pledge of Allegiance. She then told the class that if that was the case then they should already know it very well, and by repeating it again would be a waste of time, so they continued to their reading lesson. Mr. Hibler a fourth grade teacher at Five Oaks Elementary develops a sever cough that all his students notice right away and bet that they will have a substitute teacher tomorrow.   Since their community Five Oaks is fairly small, they have a select few substitute teachers which all the students already are familiar with and know what to expect from each one. So, it was a big surprise when an unfamiliar strange lady carrying a purple purse, checkered lunchbox and a few books walked into their classroom, they all stared as she walked in and began to draw an oak tree on the chalk board. As soon as she was done and everyone was seated; she turned around to introduce herself as Mr. Ferenczi and gave a brief story about herself. Than...
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