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Request for amendment or annotation to personal records



Important – Please read this information carefully before you complete the request. Once you have completed your request we strongly advise that you keep a copy for your records.

To assist us in processing, please include a separate form for each person who wants to amend or annotate their records. If you do not have an Australian postal address, please provide an e-mail address by which the department is able to contact you.

Your rights
Under the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act) the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (the department) is required to ensure that records containing personal information are accurate. In addition, the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act) gives you the right to: • ask for your personal information to be changed or annotated (a note put with your records giving your views) if it is incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading and which has or had an administrative purpose; and • seek a review of a decision not to change your personal record. Where possible the department will amend your records in accordance with the Privacy Act. Where this is not possible we will treat your request as a request for amendment or annotation under the FOI Act.

How to make a FOI request to access documents or information Under the FOI Act you also have a right to request access to copies of documents held by the department. To make a FOI request to obtain copies of documents you can use form 424A Request for access to documents or information, available from the department’s website or at the nearest office of the department.

Where do I send my request?
The department processes FOI requests in Melbourne and Sydney. If you live in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory or Tasmania, please send your request to: Freedom of Information Melbourne Department of Immigration and Citizenship GPO Box 241 MELBOURNE VIC 3001 E-mail: If you live in New South Wales, Queensland or the Australian Capital Territory, please send your request to: FOI and Subpoenas Department of Immigration and Citizenship GPO Box 9984 SYDNEY NSW 2001 E-mail: If you currently live overseas please send your request to: FOI and Privacy Policy Section Department of Immigration and Citizenship PO Box 25 BELCONNEN ACT 2616 AUSTRALIA E-mail:

What information can I have amended?
The FOI Act allows for the department to amend a document in the possession of the agency. This includes electronic records of your identity and the physical files held by the department. The amendment provisions of the FOI Act do not extend to documents not in the possession of the agency, such as a citizenship certificate. Under the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 it is an offence to alter an evidence of Australian citizenship. If the name and/or date of birth on your citizenship certificate is incorrect or has changed since you acquired your Australian citizenship and you wish to obtain a new evidence of citizenship with your correct or changed biographical information, you must complete form 119 Application for evidence of Australian citizenship and forward it to the department with the appropriate fee and supporting documentation. You can download form 119 from the department’s website

How to make a valid Freedom of Information (FOI) request to amend or annotate To make a valid FOI request, you must: • put your request in writing. You can use the attached form, or send a letter detailing your request either by post or e-mail; • identify departmental information or documents containing your personal information which is incomplete, incorrect, out of date, or misleading; • provide reasons why you believe this information is incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading; • include an address to which notices or information may be sent; and • to...
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