Mr Grant Malcolm

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Grant Malcolm
HNC Graded Unit Plan

My interpretation of the brief is that I should use the knowledge I have learned throughout my HNC

My interpretation of the brief for the graded unit is that it is an opportunity to use both the ability to create and the discipline needed for developing and finishing a project professionally. I think the idea of the graded unit is to make us as students stretch ourselves and see how much dedication we can put into an important project. When I interpreted the brief I was overwhelmed by possibilities and excited by constant brainstorming of what I could do to finish the graded unit project with a really great end product. I want to use my creative flare as a musician and songwriter in this project, but I also want to use my drive, ambition and organizational skills to make sure it all runs smoothly. I want to be able to look back at my work for this graded unit and see it as flawless and impressive.

My Aims

My aim for the graded unit is simple but will take a lot of hard work and dedication. My aim is to write between 3 - 5 songs of which I can perform and record with my band, I want to have the finished product of an EP and I want to do a launch and gig. My aim is to push myself as a songwriter and to work professionally and efficiently with other musicians to create a product that shows what we can do as a band. I aim to use organization, musical knowledge and efficient time management to teach the band my songs to a point where we are ready to have them recorded. I aim to record alongside my talented band-mates and to get on with it as punctually as we can, but with time spare for getting everything just exactly how we want it to sound. I aim to leave the graded unit with an EP of our music that we together as a band have created from nothing. I want to finish with a product that displays our sound and ability to the highest level whilst featuring powerful songs, effective artwork and photography and live...
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