Mr George

Topics: Nazi Germany, Germany, Hungary Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Chapter Two
By Wills Cuttler, Nick George and Jess Chisholm

* Art visits Vladek regularly
“I went back to visit my father quite regularly, to hear his story” * Vladek counts his pills; 6 pill for his heart, 1 for diabetes and about 25 or 30 vitamins “For my condition I must fight to save myself… junk food, that’s what I call prescription drugs now”

* Vladek talk about Anja’s communist friend
“He was a communist!”
* Anja gives a package to Mrs Stefanska which included papers that showed Anja was helping Communists translate them into German. Mrs Stefanska gets arrested Miss Stefanaska- Please! Hide this package for me- Don’t tell anyone about it!”

* Vladek started a textiles factory in Bielsko
* In October 1937 Vladek and Anja had their first child called Richieu * We learn that Art was very premature and the doctors didn’t think that he would survive “But you- After the war, when you were born, it was very premature. The doctors thought you wouldn’t live”

* Anja is recognised to have depression because giving birth was apparently too much for her. She had a breakdown “Giving birth was too much of a strain. She’s always hysterical or depressed… a breakdown!”

* Anja and Vladek go to a sanitarium in Czechoslovakia. On the way was the first time Vladek sees the Swastika. “Here was the first time I saw, with my own eyes, the Swastika.

* Vladek learns on the train about pogroms that are going in in Germany.

* Vladek gets told about Kristallnacht (the burning of synagogues, Jews being beaten and towns pushing out all of the Jews. “It was many, many such stories- Synagogues burned, Jews beaten with no reason, whole towns pushing out all Jews, each story worse than the other.”

* Vladek and Anja spend time at the Sanitarium and Anja slowly gets significantly better. They spend three months there “She was so laughing and so happy, so happy, that she approached each time and kissed me, so happy, so...
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