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Topics: Nursing, Psychiatric and mental health nursing, Medicine Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Debating mental health nurses’ role in medicines management Kenyatta Young
Freshman English 1
Matt Forester
April 29, 2013

In this article they are arguing about which words (adherence and concordance) is better used in the medicines management of the role of nursing fields. Also in the article it stated there are many reasons for non-adherence that relate to the patient experience and perception. Such as age, gender, social demographic variables age, sex, gender, educational level, phase/severity and illness symptoms in the patient-related factors, environmental factors, clinician-related factors, treatment-related factors and (etc…). Adherence is very important. The current word that is in use is adherence. The meaning of adherence is to stick to. Steve Hemingway wanted the patients to adherence (the act or state of sticking to) to take their recommended treatment. He also thinks that adherence is based on the health professional knowing best. Also in his believes he feel that Concordance is a principle, not an intervention, and is unrealistic and that the issue is about educating the patient so they feel informed and feel in control over their own healthcare needs.

In the article concordance means the process of enlightened communication between the person and the health professional leading to an agreed treatment and ongoing assessment of this as the optimal course. As a quick definition concordance is the meaning of an agreement. Austyn Snowden feels that forcing someone to take treatment against their will cannot be aligned with concordance. He also included in the article that he find that to be a problem of evidence synthesis rather than evidence of conceptual weakness of concordance and that the argument for adherence and found it philosophically frail. Mitchell said in 2005 (“If concordance is not achieved a grounded theory of patients’ medicine taking decisions in order to better predict how an individual may (or may not) go...
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