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Ralph Lauren & Hackett Group C5|
Vanessa DadaHannah JachowitzMarwa MajaliGoodwin MokArunima SahniJia Ling XieNicole DunlopHannah MiddletonGemma StrongitharmClive WarwickWord Count: 1778|

3| Methodology|
4| Introduction|
5| PESTLE Analysis|
6| PESTLE Analysis|
7| SWOT Analysis – Hackett|
8| SWOT Analysis – Ralph Lauren|
9| SWOT Analysis – Compare and Contrast|
10| SPICC – Ralph Lauren|
11| SPICC – Ralph Lauren|
12| SPICC – Hackett |
13| Brand Association Board – Hackett |
14| Brand Association Board – Ralph Lauren|
15| Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning – Pen Profile – Hackett| 16| Pen Profile – Ralph Lauren|
17| Range Plan – Hackett |
18| Range Plan – Ralph Lauren|
19| Product Mix – Hackett & Ralph Lauren|
20| Comp Shop – Hackett & Ralph Lauren|
21| Brand Perceptual Map – Hackett |
22| Brand Perceptual Map – Ralph Lauren|
23| Marketing Mix – Hackett |
24| Marketing Mix – Ralph Lauren |
25| Marketing Mix – Ralph Lauren |
26| Conclusion|
27| Bibliography|
28| Bibliography|
29| Bibliography|
30| Bibliography|
31+| Appendix|


1. Primary Research
* Visits to the stores, and photographs taken to observe the environment in and around the stores * Conversations and interviews with the sales people and other staff * Conversations and interviews with customers coming in and out of the stores 2. Secondary Research

* Reports from websites such as Mintel, WGSN etc. regarding the retailers market position, marketing strategies, internal company information, and external factors influencing their working * Data from the actual company websites revealing the retailers target statements, heritage and history and product information * According to Women’s wear daily, Hackett is still expanding globally and developing the Far East while Ralph Lauren has already got direct control over its brands from Europe to Asia and America.


Hackett started off with two men Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings that sold second hand clothing, which focused on traditional British menswear. After expanding and opening their first shop on New Kings Road the supply of second-hand traditional clothing didn't meet demands so the two men decide to produce a first hand range of clothing based around the style of traditional British heritage, with further success the Hackett Polo Team is created as two army officers address the brand for sponsorships. The Polo t-shirt originally designed for the team caught the attention of the customers and demand for broke through. The brand started to portray an athletic image along as other sporting sponsorships took place along with the British traditional hereditary image.

Ralph Lauren’s journey of the development of his brand kicked off over 40 years ago. Ralph Lauren began as a brand only designing ties however with time and commitment he was able to progress into becoming one of the worlds leading fashion brands in the world. The brand grew into several different product lines that include men’s and women's clothing, children's wear, furniture and home products that form the image and the message that the brand wants to deliver to the customer. His strong innovative mind and determination to invite his customers into his dream is the main factor that makes the brand successful as the brand image and values are clear to the public eye.

PESTLE Analysis

Political| Economical|
* VAT increase * National Minimum Wage * Trade Unions – Strikes * Occupy Protests| * Cotton prices rising * Income distribution * Inflation | Social| Technological|
* 66% of UK buy Luxury * Clothing – most purchased luxury * Males Under-25 – most likely to buy designer items| * New Machines – mass production * New materials * E-marketing * New mobile technology| Legal| Environmental|

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