Mr Can One Get His/ Her Interview Date Rescheduled?

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1) Can one get his/ her interview date rescheduled? You will have the option of Changing your Date, Place and Slot subject to availability of slots on or before 5th February 2012. 2) Can I opt out of the process? You also have the option of opting out of the process on or before 31st January 2012, but please be apprised that you do not have the option of reverting that decision. 3) Is WAT/PI taken common for all 6 new IIMs ? Yes, The six new IIMs at Ranchi, Rohtak, Raipur, Udaipur, Trichy & Kashipur are conducting the Common Admissions for the PGDM for the 2012-14 batch. However, individual IIMs will prepare a shortlist based on their individual criteria. 4) I have a call from IIM C/L/K ,will the six new IIMs will take scores from my interview from them? From the combined list, students called for interviews by IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode will be set aside. The remaining candidates will be called for a common Personal Interview & Written Analysis (PI & WAT). 5) What if I am called from more than one of the above mentioned IIMs? Those who have been called by more than one older IIM will have their PI & WAT score averaged for further processing. 6) What if for some reasons I miss the interview of IIM C/L/K? You will not be eligible to attend the common PI & WAT process of the six new IIMs. However, in case you have call from more than one of the above and you appear for at least one then only those scores will be considered. 7) I have a call from IIM A/B/I/S , will the six new IIMs take my WAT/PI scores from them? No, you have to appear for 6 new IIMs admission process separately.


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8) How will IIM Kashipur prepare my final score ? The individual member institution (IIM Kashipur here) will take the normalized PI & WAT score of the candidates shortlisted by them and combine it with scores for other criteria -- CAT score, Profile score and any other score to make their own individual merit list and make final offer to the candidates.

9) What would be the pattern of written ability test? You will be given a topic on the test on which you will have to write your opinion. Your ability to build perspective and the quality of your communication skills are the main factors judged. Topics can vary anything from current affairs to abstract topics. Read up the current issues, as much as possible. Analyze what you read and form your own views. Please refer to the WAT/PI kit for further information. 10) What are the key make or breaks for WAT? a. Fill at least three fourth of the space available b. Ensure legible handwriting although it need not look attractive c. Do not use sketches and do not underline unless highly essential d. Give rational opinion on sensitive issues (Ex: Caste, Politics, Reservation) e. Do not expect invigilators to provide clarification on the topic. 11) How can an interview be diverted to one’s comfortable area? This can be done by first setting the pace of the interview right at the beginning when one is asked about himself/herself. It can also be done by highlighting and talking about your strengths more than your weaknesses. 12) Is it possible to lead the interview? Yes. But it’s more of a chance. Don’t try to be aggressive. 13) How to justify poor academic performance in the past? You need to compensate with something. Like if you have good extra-curricular activities, you can sail through. 14) How to tackle questions of which IIM one will choose in case of multiple converts? Be honest. Choose the best call you have. |Contacts | Akshay +91-86508 76898 | Cobi...
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