Mr Burger and Its Retail Strategy

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Retail Management Reoprt| April 30
Made By: Sameet Khan, Sadia Ali, Shafia Wasim, Rabail Kazi & Zurrain Farhan | Comparison Between Mr. Burger & Mcdonald’s|

Table of Contents
Introduction and History4
Mission statement4
Type of Business4
Retail Format4
Store Location4
Type of Location4
Store Design and Retail Mix5
Employee Type and Density5
Merchandise Type and Density5
Fixture Type and Density5
Sound Type and Density5
Odor Type and Density5
Visual Type and Factors5
Visual Merchandising6
Retail Space Management6
Self Standing Building6
Mall Building6
Counter Display6
Ciculation Plan6
Merchandise Hierarchy6
Buying Function7
Markups & Markdowns7
Shrinkage & Wastage:8
Retail Marketing Mix9
Product Offerings9

Mr. Burger

Introduction and History
Mr. Burger launched its first branch in Pakistan, in late 1980’s, near NIPA bridge. Since its launch in Pakistan, Mr. Burger has opened branches at Tariq Road, Boat Basin, Bahadurabad and North Nazimabad. Over the years, customers have come to appreciate the good service and delicious, quality foods offered by Mr. Burger. It has transitioned from serving hot dogs and burgers to offering a full menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Mission statement

| To provide the healthiest and best quality fast food to our customers that gives the maximum value.ObjectiveThe main objective of Mr. Burger is to offer the best in quality, services, cleanliness and value.Keeping this objective in mind, Mr. Burger, declaring itself to be the best burgers in town, provides food and drinks of superior quality at reasonable prices.Type of BusinessMr. Burger is a sole proprietorship business which is owned by one family.| Retail Format

Store Location
Mr. Burger has a number of outlets all over Karachi, They’re located in: * Tariq Road
* Boat Basin
* North Nazimabad
* Bahadurabad
These locations were chosen to attract and serve different kind of customers from Karachi. Type of Location
Mr. Burger outlets are a chain store format which has a signature store across Karachi. All restaurants have a common store presentation and synergetic merchandising planning. Moreover, these restaurants are owned by one family. The rent cost may vary depending on the type of location Mr. Burger is located in. Generally in most outlets, there are a few parking spots. Most of the customers who walk in prefer to dine in. A small percentage takes away food or delivers food via telephone. Store Design and Retail Mix

Employee Type and Density
Mr. Burger has its restaurants throughout Karachi area employing approximately 200 employees. Being a fast food restaurant, it has employed waiters at such high number for customer’s assistance. Waiters and waitresses working at Mr. Burger are very friendly, courteous, helpful and polite. They have clean and tidy appearance. They have knowledge about venue items and treat customers with respect. Merchandise Type and Density

The density of merchandising is high since a lot of people walk in this fast food restaurant especially during lunch and dinner time. The type of food offered is very hygienic, fresh and of high quality at reasonable prices. Fixture Type and Density

The interior designer of a store designs the fixtures and fittings of a restaurant. The fixtures are fairly simple. The light fixtures are not properly shielded and little monthly maintenance is provided to them. Sound Type and Density

Music at a low volume is played in Mr. Burger restaurants. Music adds soothing affect to the environment and changes the frame of mind of the consumers. Customers are more likely to enjoy their meals and it helps them to...
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