Mr. Bittering Changes

Topics: Mars, Change, Martian Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: May 28, 2013
“Dark They Were and Golden Eye,” a science fiction, short story by Ray Bradbury explains how a man from Earth, Harry Bittering, goes to Mars and transforms into a Martian. When Harry Bittering arrives on Mars the differences he notices, compared to Earth, make him feel uneasy. Harry tries to stop the transformation by not eating good grown on Mars, but is impossible to stop the changes. The swim in canal completes his transformation. Later in the story, Mr. Bittering starts to speak Martian language that he hasn’t been taught. He is turning into a Martian mentally. Harry starts out uneasy being on Mars, resists the changes happening to him, mentally, and physically, but in the end he must accept. What he shall become.

As soon as the Earthmen arrive, the viral infection, which will transform them into Martians, takes hold of their human form as they breathe the air. Harry is immediately uneasy when he steps foot on the red planet. “Lets get back on the rocket … he felt submerged in a chemical that could dissolve his intellect and burn away his past”(235). This proves that he is uneasy about getting on Mars, and wants to go back to Earth. Harry is starting to rethink his decisions about Mars. This shows that he is aware of a change on Mars. He notices things changing and there is something different in the air. Now that Harry and all the humans are infected, he will try to be resistance to the change of becoming a Martian.

Harry Bittering senses the changes and tries to resist the metamorphosis that is occurring all around him. To show his seriousness about his decision, Mr. Bittering says, “I’ll eat only food from our Deep freeze”(244). Determined and Intent, Harry tries to stop the change by noting eating anything grown on Mars. Mr. Bittering is trying to do everything he can to try and resist the change, and not become a Martian. Unable to stop the change, Harry will finally accept the change to becoming a Martian.

Finally, Mr. Bittering and all the...
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