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Mr Big Ears

By | August 2005
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Delias peered distractedly out of the shallow cave. ‘What does it say?' she asked. Ducking out of the entrance, the tall woman returned to the back of the cave. Stray strands of black hair clung to her ageless face, which was seemingly free of any blemishes (something every woman in Taladon coveted), and reached across the tips of her vivid green eyes. Her face seemed to be carved and then weathered over time- the remnants of a sturdy, handsome figure; certainly no common house maid. When she was angered (which was much more common these days), her eyes would crackle with fierce electricity, and the stooping presence of a once great woman would be shorn away, to be replaced by what Tal dubbed, ‘Scary Delias' (S.D. for short). Across the cave and leaning against a large rock, was the wexar himself, Tal, small legs dangling over a small rock pool. ‘Um…here…it says, "the wexar, possibly the most annoying race on the earth-' Tal gave an indignant huff-‘have unusually long life spans, despite their frequent run-ins with the Law. The wexar are short, child-like creatures whose appearance from human children can only be distinguished by their grey eyes and stubby beards. Dressing as colourfully as their nature, wexar tend to ask questions that lead to nowhere; ‘Which was there first, the chicken or the egg?' with some of the crazier ones asking ‘How is a grape a grape?' It is not uncommon for cities to outcast wexars from their premises purely of out annoyance. Unbeknownst to many of the city guards, wexar always manage to get back in'. ‘It is believed that the wexar were blessed by one of the Creator Gods, Delias,-' he gave a cursory nod to Delias, ‘and are extremely hard to kill, thus the saying, as lucky as a wexar. Other records of the wexar go on to say that they never leave their killers unscathed'. Over the other side of the cave, a red-haired man snorted. ‘Killing wexar- ain't worth my time'. He spat on the ground. ‘Worse than scum'.

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