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Topics: Airfoil, Wing design, Reynolds number Pages: 6 (3795 words) Published: January 23, 2013
MH 45 wingless
AbstractTo investigate the effects of mh45 airfoil on performance criteria of wingless body during flight. This investigates the dimensions of a prototype airfoil geometry for a wingless aircraft. The wing is including MH45 airfoil profile and is of swept wing design. The investigation framework dictating is mathemeatical analysis of geometry, analysis of geometry using computer aided design, parts list and reducing part count, mechanical linkages, optimisation of parts using finite element analysis of stress, strain, Vonmises stress, rib, stringer and spar design with attachements, analysis of range, turning circle, accerleration, landing distance, bank angle, landing distance,Vstall, lift curve comparison, take off distance using spread sheet software, extending flap:- kruger including all extending and retracting linkages, coefficient of lift, coefficient of drag, induced, profile, trim, parasitic and total using spreadsheet software. The second part is investigating the computational fluid dynamics of the domain with inlet, outler, farfield and airfoil using two types of domain companies. The domain is set to equal flight characteristics of velocity, altitude, temperature, dynamic viscosity, prssseure, and using turbulence model best suitable to the domain environment being K-omega and the reasoning why not K Epsilon, Shear Stress Transport or Laminar. The investigation is looking at the turbulence kinetic energy, turbulence eddy viscosity, pressure, temperature, velocity, lift, total drag, voriticity, and shear layer near wall, natural frequency, torsional natural frequency and thermal loading. The domain generating boundary conditions as setting as above and including boundary layer thickness, separation point. The domain computing time is by dual core processor running computational fluid dynamics by distrtisation of results of turbulence Kinetic Energy, pressure and Velocity, computer aided design, computer aided engineering and assembly. The final part investigates the effect of the difference between the prototype model and the computational fluid dynamics model. The two prescribed models systheis a comparison finding the error. Sythesis of the reasons why the prototype and the domain investigating the field flow physics and aerosynamics show the following results. Finally hypothesising the pressure, velocity, temperature, boundary conditions, airfoil, internal structure methods of bringing the computational domain closer to the analytical methods. A bibliography including appendix descrivbing areas of investigation needing further study. Secondly, a further study of the difference between analytical method of a tailless aircraft including a computational fluid dynamics domain including error investigate all of the above and a comparison of two models comparing the error from the spreadsheet providing orders of accuracy. This provides an executive summary of the two models investigating a probablility that a boardroom investigating the feasibility of two models with reasoning as why one model wins over the other one will be sucessful. Market research of cost comparison over geographical terrain, tarrain conditions, methods of use, price, portability, commercial usability, weight, C.g. velocity, design analysis, lift curve slope, summing moments, Cm calculations, Executive SummaryThe report investigates feasibility of two models of analytical/computational fluid dynamics domain with conclusions and recommendations that beat the competition. On a fierce market where design is key to success the need for the above analysis is significant. The significance is the disparity between the two models, performance of two models and understanding the domain that exhibit fluid domain differences and the meshing differences that generate suitable mesh for analysis. Sucessful conclusion and recommendations will bring forward the insight into the process of design with business intelligence, and the further...
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