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Topics: Textile, Yarn, Equation Pages: 4 (436 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Employability and Professional Development

Dionysis Tzeiranov

Thessaloniki 12/01/11
DEI College,
Employability and Professional Development MK2025
2nd Year

[Title Here]



This report is prepared by Dionysis Tzeiranov and refers to employability skills, weaknesses, strengths and improvements that could be taken to achieve What you are doing, your methodology and your main results, Objective, why you pursue this research question, methodology, contribution, main result]

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Table of Contents

2.Literature Review2
4.Econometric estimation – Methodology and results3

1. Introduction

[your text here] Objective, why you pursue this research question, methodology, contribution,

Literature Review

[your text here]


[your text here]

[Example of a diagram and table in your project. You can create a diagram either by copy paste through excel, or using paintbrush or scanning your document – erase my diagram it is just an example]

Figure 1. [Title of figure here]

Table 1. Regression Results SUR (IZEF).
|Variable |Supply of Yarn |(derived) Demand for |(derived) Demand for | | | |Labor (in yarn sector) |Yarn | |Constant |86,786*** |13,071*** |55,234*** | | |(4.87) |(2.66) |(2.41) | |Pc |-0.124** |-0.016* | | |(Price of Cotton Lint)...
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