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Topics: Video game console, Mind, Game Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Technology In today’s world we are progressing by leaps and bounds in every aspect of our lives. There are a lot of issues however where progress brings negative impact. Ten to fifteen years back children with free time on their hands would occupy themselves by reading, playing board games or go out in parks and play with their friends.

However in today’s times children do not want to do any physical activities, whether it is kicking a ball in the garden or just going for walk. As a result various companies and industries, the ones that are ruining our children’s futures, have used this lack of physical activity to their advantage and created gadgets such as Play Station, and X-box. Children sit for countless hours in front of TV screens and computer monitors playing these mindless games, which involve violence, foul language and many other activities not suited for children at certain ages. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that several companies are now designing video game consoles for preschoolers. Is this the way we want our future generation to start their lives? Are you willing to fork out thousand of Rands for these companies, the wicked and selfless companies that don’t care about their customers?

This passive activity not only affects them mentally and emotionally but physically as well, where obesity has become such an important issue among younger kids. They say “an empty mind is a devils workshop” and that applies to today’s teenagers. Various studies done by the University of California show that children who play these video games for more than 5 hours a week show a decrease in their academic performance and have behavioral changes, such as aggression and lack of concentration. At the age where there is a lot of stimulation needed for the mind, as this is the ideal age for when the brain is developing and learning is at a high.

We blame the companies that produce these games and gadgets. However it is we, the ones who have...
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