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Topics: Bézier curve, Circle, Analytic geometry Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Computer Graphics (IT 703A)
Branch – IT, Semester – 7th Time: 3Hrs. Full Marks: 70

Sample Question Paper

Group – A (Multiple Choice Questions) 1. Choose the most appropriate alternatives for the following: i) The slope of the cubic Bezier curve at the start of the curve is controlled by a) First control point b) First two control points c) First three control points d) All four control points. ii) A projection in which all three foreshortening factors are kept equal is called as a) Isometric Projection b) Diametric Projection c) Trimetric Projection d) None of these. iii) If (x, y, 0) is a point in the homogeneous coordinate system then it represents a) origin in 2D coordinate system b) origin in 3D coordinate system c) a point at infinity a) point (x,y) in 2D coordinate system

1 × 10 = 10

iv) In Bresenham’s Circle generation algorithm, if (x,y) is the current pixel position, then the y value of the next pixel position is a) y or y+1 b) y alone c) y+1 or y-1 d) y or y-1 v) In Cohen-Sutherland line clipping algorithm, if the codes of the two points P & Q are 0101 & 0001 then the line segment joining the points P & Q will be ____________ the clipping window. a) totally outside b) partially outside c) totally inside d) none of these. vi) ___________ acts as anode in CRT a) The phosphorous coating b) The glass panel c) The deflectors d) none of these.

vii) In the inside-outside test of polygon, if the winding number of a point is zero then the point lies ____________ the polygon. a) inside b) outside c) on d) as vertex of viii) Sutherland – Hodgman algorithm is used for _______________. a) line clipping b) point clipping c) polygon clipping d) hybrid clipping d) Newton polynomials d) animation

ix) The blending functions of Bezier curves are_______________. a) Splines b) Bernstein polynomials c) Lagrangian polynomials x) Z-buffer algorithm is used for _______________. a) frame buffer removal b) visible surface detection xi) Refresh rate is...
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