Mr. and Mrs, Wright

Topics: English-language films, Marriage, American films Pages: 1 (465 words) Published: December 19, 2012
A right relationship is one between two individuals who accept, acknowledge, and respect each other for who they really are and love them for being this person. They each must believe in and acknowledge each other’s actions, and help guide them in the right direction. Mr. and Mrs. Wright’s relationship was not “right” because they did not do any of these things. There was a lot of negativity, as well as silence in the household. Mr. Wright was described as being a good man, yet very serious and stone cold. He was the master of the home and had to have absolute control over everything. Mrs. Wright attempted to be the Suzy homemaker type, but rarely got out of the house to socialize with the community. She was described as being very beautiful, with a bubbly personality and put effort into her appearance before she was married to Mr. Wright. However, that was thirty years ago. Now she appeared to be very worn out and tired. She used to sing, but Mr. Wright killed her dream because he believed that it was more important for her to fulfill her housewife duties. Not only did he kill her dream, but he killed the only thing that made her happy in life. Mr. Wright was getting sick of listening to his wife’s bird sing all day long. He took care of the nuisance that was aggravating him by snapping the bird’s neck and killing it. This was like a trigger to a gun for Mrs. Wright. Her bird was what brought her joy. Mrs. Wright was comparable to the bird in the sense that they were both “caged” and thus prevented from being free and living the lives that they wanted to live. They would both sing in order to get through the day. Mr. Wright was not only killing the bird; he was killing his wife in spirit when he broke the bird’s neck. What was wrong with their relationship was that they were complete strangers to one another. Mrs. Wright resented her husband for the life that he was forcing her to live. She was to obey his orders and play the role of the perfect housewife....
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