Mr and Mrs Martins Short Text Theme Essay.

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An idea that was worth learning about in The Silk by Joy Cowley was eternal love. The writer showed us this idea through Mr and Mrs Blackie's traits and the symbolism of the silk and bridge. While an idea worth learning about in Mr and Mrs Martins by Edla van Steen is how the couple face death. The writer shows us this idea through Mr Martins character and the symbolism of the incomplete gravestone.

Eternal love is an idea worth learning about as it shows us their love for each other. The writer shows us this by Mr and Mrs Blackie's relationship. As “days and nights” pass, Mr Blackie is falling more ill as he settles “into bed as gently as dust”, showing his physical weakness. Mrs Blackie is aware of this so her caring trait helps try to make him as comfortable as possible with pillows or how she filled the hot water bottle to keep him warm. Then she decides to create his laying out pyjamas as a last gift and memory with him. She shows her love for him by how he is going to do “every stitch... by hand”. Mr Blackie also shows his love as he wants to spend their last moments together so he asks her to “do it in here” (making the pyjamas in their bedroom). From this we feel hopeful that in the near future we will find a special someone that cares for you and vice versa. As I have known some peers that only has one person giving in to the relationship.

The idea of eternal love is also shown by the symbolism of the blue silk from China and its bridge image on it. The couple have been together for fifty-odd years and are still very much in love as they both want to spend their last moments together. The silk is used as a symbol to represent their marriage, love and bond they have in the present time. But Mrs Blackie is unsure of what their love will become after Mr Blackie passes. After she decides to create the silk pyjamas, they have to cut it and “together they feel the pain as the blades met cleanly” as they realised that the silk and their relationship will...
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