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Topics: Marketing, Ice cream, Marketing strategy Pages: 9 (2378 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Module: International marketing

Course Name:Higher Diploma in International Business

Name: Tor Ulrik Hillerlov


Name of lecture:Francis Soh

Assignment Submission date:31th may 2013

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Introduction______________________________________________________________3 International Environment
Internal Environment___________________________________________________3-4 External Environment__________________________________________________4-5 International Market Entry Mode_____________________________________________5 International Competitive Strategy____________________________________________6 The International Marketing Mix

Marketing mix___________________________________________________________7-8 Distribution______________________________________________________________8 Conclusion______________________________________________________________ References_____________________________________________________________

Reuben Mattus and Rose Mattus created Haägen-Dazs 1961 in New York. Haägen-Dazs become under European control when Grand metropolitan bought Pillsbury group. Craig Whitney, director of marketing foodservice, Haagen-dasz Co.Inc., May 2005 “Häagen-Dazs is an international phenomenon. Appreciated by connoisseurs in over 900 Häagen-Dazs shops in 50 countries, our commitment to unparalleled quality, using only the finest natural ingredients from all over the world, sets the standard to which others aspire”. Häagen-Dazs target consumers are the younger generation which are fashionable and in the “income pyramid peak” which looking for the “excellent ice cream”. . In positioning the target market, for example, Haagen-Dazs’s China Road continued its inception marketing strategies. In the time when many competitors considered that China’s domestic market is caught in a price war, Häagen-Dazs entrust on its excellent sensitivity and marketing tools, opened up a high-end market. Thereafter, a precise understanding of consumer’s psychology is indispensable. Before Häagen-Dazs entering into new market areas, Häagen-Dazs does careful analysis of the domestic consumers; this eventually provides better assistance for marketing and branding. Häagen-Dazs apportion to retain key customers. Protects is customers and win the consumers equally important, Häagen-Dazs leave its high-end customers to a smaller target consumer crowd. Therefore, most of their marketing and advertising is print ads, and published within certain media. It do not only save costs, or enhance advertising effects. Simultaneously, Häagen-Dazs also selectively cut the other retail channels to expand their retail side and reach the home ice cream market. Häagen-Dazs advertise the lifestyle of “enjoy the perfect”, to inspire people to buy high quality of life. While in arrangement of ice cream, Häagen-Dazs join importance to make an environment in which the taste of Häagen-Dazs ice cream has become a memorable experience: this is the so called “Häagen-Daz moment”. Häagen-Dazs propose various flavors of ice cream, which is designed to approach the need of dissimilar tastes and every with a intention to give to costumer to enjoy the amazing taste. International Environment

Internal Environment
This refers to factors existing within a marketing firm. They are also called as controllable factors, because the company has control over these factors : a) it can alter or modify factors as its personnel, physical facilities, organization and function means, such as marketing mix, to suit the environment. The factors the affect Haagen-Dazs are:

Top Management : The organizational structure, Board of Director, professionalization of management..etc..Factors like the amount of support the top management enjoys from different levels of...
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