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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Motivation/Objectives:              To empower end-users with “the consultation power” at his disposal. Cashless & High quality medical services to its users. Collaboration among hospitals to fully utilize each other’s capacity. Formalizing referral system in Healthcare Industry. Reducing effective time spend by Doctors on each patients while maintaining quality and increasing effectiveness. Promoting Home Based Remedy in consultation with experts. Reducing time, energy and cost invested by users. Users can provide their recommendations to other users. To take Pro-Active approach towards emergency situations. To integrate banking operations to some extend with hospital operations. Standardizing Business Operating Procedures where as Differentiating on Specialized Services provided by Hospitals. Creating effective and efficient virtual value creation in Healthcare Industry. Non-Profit Operations in Rural India.

Services Provided By e-Hospital       E-Consulting E-Medical Profile + Networking Module(Free) E-Collaboration Module(USP) Real Time Decision Support System Blood Bank/Ambulance/Medical store 24*7. Health Card

Below four are identified to be core competency of e-Hospital. E-Consulting will assist users to consult doctors anywhere 24*7 and vice versa. Combined with the power of web 2.0 will facilitate interactive e-learning and knowledge sharing among users as well as e-Doctors. E-Medical Profile will facilitate electronic storage of user’s medical history, diagnosis, previous prescription and other details in standard format which can be used for further consultations. E-Collaboration Module would be an enabler having all business rules for collaboration embedded in it. Will have sub-modules using Services Oriented Architecture (SOA). Real Time Decision Support System will provide Hospitals with recommendation about requirement of Doctors or Services in particular region. Based on which hospitals can take important business decisions. For users this system will provide information about availability of good recommended doctors or hospital according to there needs. e-Hospital on a larger perspective will save time, transportation cost, and increased responsiveness of Healthcare Industry. Page 2 of 5



Stake Holders Analysis: Stake Holders Citizens as an end users Hospitals as in collaboration Banks Medical Association Distribution Channels Stakes Involved Quality Healthcare service, Time Vs Money, Goodwill, Future Care* Service to Citizens, Profit, Future Care* Brokerage for enabling cashless facilities to other stake holders Conformance with standard rules & regulations Sales, Better Just-In-Time Inventory estimation, Future Care*

Future Care: Collaboration in expectation of future collaboration.

Target Segment IT Users Medium size and Small Hospitals Government Hospitals Independent Doctors Anywhere Pune, Bangalore, Delhi Pune, Bangalore, Delhi Pune, Bangalore, Delhi

Market Size & Estimates The Healthcare industry in India, which comprises of hospitals and allied sectors, is estimated to grow by 23 per cent per annum to reach US$ 77 billion by 2012 from the current estimated size of US$ 35 billion, according to a Yes Bank and an industry body report published in November 2009.As per a study by an industry body and Ernst & Young, India would require another 1.75 million beds by the end of 2025. The corporate India is therefore, leveraging on this business potential and various health care brands have started aggressive expansion in the country. Some of the companies that plan to increase their footprints include Anil Ambani’s Reliance Health, the Hindujas,...
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