Mozilla Evaluation

Topics: Quality assurance, Quality management, Quality management system Pages: 10 (3448 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Mozilla evaluation

Transmitted to: CEO of Mozilla Foundation

Prepared for:
BTEC Lecturer, Mr. John M. Andre
Unit 42: Quality Management
Banking Academy, Hanoi
BTEC HND in Business (Finance)

Prepared by: Tran Thu Trang – Gehanna
Quality Director
Mozilla Foundation
Registration No.: F03-153 (F03B)

9th May 2012

Table of Contents

1. Concept of Quality Management in the Business Context of Mozilla4 1.1Definition of Quality in Term of Business and Customer4 1.2Quality Measurement of Mozilla and its Users5
1.3Method of Measuring Quality Management for Mozilla6
2. Quality Management Schemes Appropriate to Commercial Operations of Mozilla7 2.1Rationale Underpin Quality Schemes Commonly Adopted by Commercial Operations7 2.2Main Similarities and Differences between four Quality Management System9 2.3Importance of Communication and Record-Keeping in Quality Schemes10 Conclusion13



IT industry has grown rapidly since the foundation of telephone and computer, especially with the Internet and the World Wide Web. Information interaction has been easy, convenient and prompt than ever. Nowadays, particularly in web applications, IT companies are developed more and more software programs which provide functions that users expect. Mozilla Organization today implements free and open source software (FOSS) projects which provide useful software such as Firefox, Thunderbirds, Drumbeat. As well as updating new version of these projects regularly, Mozilla applies Quality Assurance (QA) process for their projects to make sure their projects even better. As Quality Director of Mozilla Foundation, I now take responsibility for examining the concept of quality management in Mozilla business, including defining quality in term of Mozilla business and their users, and how Mozilla and users measure quality; and how Mozilla’s quality management (QA process) can be measured. Besides, there is important to suggest suitable quality management scheme for Mozilla, through identifying the rationale, similarities and differences of four schemes TQM, Lean, Six Sigma, and ISO 9000. I also will explain the importance of communication and record-keeping in implementing scheme for Mozilla.

1. Concept of Quality Management in the Business Context of Mozilla Today quality is very important, to businesses and customers. Customers always want to see quality in what they purchase or use; and businesses manufacture products or provide services in order to meet customer wants. This part is about the quality and quality management in Mozilla, how Mozilla and its customers define and measure quality, and how quality management can be measured. 1.1 Definition of Quality in Term of Business and Customer Quality is defined and measured differently from different views, just like the producer and the consumers when they think about a same good, they will think to different aspects. Therefore, quality can be defined in many ways. Goetsch and Davis (1995) stated a very good quality definition after totalizing common elements among quality definitions as "a dynamic state associated with products, services, people, processes, and environments that meet or exceed current expectations". This is the overall view of professional investigators. Businesses and customers see quality simpler. The customers, through purchasing and using products/services, bring profit for the businesses. Therefore quality of products/services should be decided by customers, meaning that it should satisfy customers. Any business desires to have more and more customers, requiring them must research and investigate to know clearly about what their customers need, want, and demand. Then, the businesses will manufacture products and/or provide services based on what they think are the customer expectations, will make their customers happy when using it. Therefore, in my opinion,...
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