Mozart Psychological Analysis

Topics: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Mozart effect, Classical music Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: February 17, 2011
The Mozart Effect: An Artifact of Preference
PSYC 201 – 01H Kristin M. Nantais and E. Glenn Schellenberg Rachel WafordPsychological Science
Fall 2008Vol. 10 No. 4
Mozart Effect Journal Analysis Assignment
1. The purpose of this article is to provide a more complete explanation of the short-term phenomenon that perform better in spatial-temporal tasks after listening to music or stories, as researched by a previous group. 2. This article addresses whether performance is enhanced not only by Mozart’s music compositions but also by other preferred listening, as opposed to silence, such as a short story. The researchers also compared of two different composers with similar music, Mozart and Schubert. 3. This was a case study.

a. Because this study involved creating theories, collecting data through experiments, analyzing the information, changing an independent variable (silence, music, story), and reporting results and conclusions. b. Independent: Music, story, and silence.

Dependent: Subjects’ performance in spatial-temporal tasks. c. Undergraduate students.
4. The author uses the mean scores of the subjects in spatial-temporal tasks to find conclusions. The researchers analyzed the scores after the 28 students listened to Mozart, 28 listened to Schubert, and 28 listened to a short story. They also asked the final 28 students in Experiment 2 which they preferred to listen to, music or the short story, in order to see the effects of preferred listening. 5. The Mozart Effect presented in the previous experiment by Rauscher was replicated and reinforced in a laboratory setting. The author concluded that not only did the subjects perform better after listening to Mozart’s music, but also after listening to Schubert’s music as well. So the Mozart Effect does not only apply to Mozart’s music. Thirdly, listeners’ preference had effects just as strong as Experiment 1. Subjects performed significantly better...
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