Moving to England

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Moving to England

For years now I have been seriously thinking about moving from Bulgaria to England. I finished a degree in Psychology at university. I was trying to find any jobs, but there was no result. I decided to come in England to study English language and to find a job. The crime rate, politics, job market and many other things were motivating factors.

When I first arrived in England it was three o’clock in the morning. After a three hours flight I arrived at Heathrow Airport. When I arrived, I was a bit annoyed that I had to find an accommodation. The accommodations in England was expensive and I needed a good/decent job to survive here

My first impressions of England: It's expensive, cold and the language sound like English, I still fail to understand every fifth word. This dreary weather and new germs meant I got sick quite often my first month, it also adversely affected my mood.

I was missing so much my home- my friends, my bed, my cute apartment, my clothes, but most importantly...MY FAMILY!!!! I miss them all.
I realized that England is a country of contrasts. There are places like London which are multicultural, busy and attract most tourists. There are a few other big cities in England such as Birmingham and Manchester which are similar to London but not on the same scale.

Some people are friendly, but a lot are not, especially in London. There are so many people often feel lonely.
England has castles, parks, old buildings, art galleries and music venues.
To live in England has positive and negative sides.
The good points about living here: Beautiful scenery, Good food most of the time, Plenty of Jobs, English sense of humour , Pubs, Villages, Free Health care, Good schooling etc. Bad points: Asylum seekers, rough council estates, dirty cities, expensive petrol, expensive cost of living, short summer and long winter.
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