Moving Business and Society Forward with Servant Leadership

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Moving Business and Society Forward with Servant Leadership Paul R. Kinsey
Grand Canyon University
PSC-410 Servant Leadership
October 1, 2010

Moving Business and Society Forward with Servant Leadership
As America surged into a new century, a sense of hope and new promise began to emerge. Our citizens were starting to truly believe that America was the shining beacon on the hill. The economy appeared to be booming, there was a new President to guide the ship, and a renewed sense of ethical values throughout our corporations seemed to abound. Guided by advances in technology, we seemed to be “king of the world.” Enter September 11, 2001. A day that shook the our sense of security to it’s core. Of course, the unity displayed by the country’s communities immediately following the disaster was inspiring to all, but along with our security being vulnerable, it seems our moral compass was thrown off track as well. Soon corporation names such as Halliburton and Enron began to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Even after CEOs and corporate heads were exposed for their misconduct, the missteps by America’s financial leaders continued. The questioned must be asked; what would make an individual(s), who’s financial future was seemingly secure, not only put themselves in an precarious position, but those who had entrusted them with making sound and ethical decisions with the companies financial future. Do the issues faced by corporate giants mirror those faced by American society as a whole? The argument could be made that such is the case. The main issues that intertwine today’s companies, leaders, and society are, trust, diversity, coaching, and accountability. As we visit these four issues, we will be able to discern that these same issues, which present challenges, can also, when applying servant leadership, create opportunities for company’s, leaders, and society. With all the scandals that have been documented in corporate, government,...
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