Moving and Handling

Topics: Foot, Patient, Wheelchair Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Arega Arutiunian
NVQ level 2 - Moving and Handling .

How to Transfer a Weak Patient from Bed to Chair/Wheelchair .

Lying in bed for a long period of time is generally depressing and boring for most patients. Being transferred on a chair enables the patient to execute some slight movements that is beneficial in improving circulation. As for being transferred on a wheelchair, it serves as a way to transport a weak patient on hospital areas , to the bathroom or in the lounge room . First i must inform the patient about the procedure. If the patient wants to be transferred on a chair, i will explain the details . And if there is a need for him to be transferred on a wheelchair, i need to explain the purpose and destination of the transfer. Using a nice tone of voice and right body language. Informing the patient will facilitate cooperation and will make him feel that he is being respected rather than being controlled. Position the chair or wheelchair next to the bed facing the foot of the bed. I need to bring the chair as close as possible to reduce the distance of the transfer. If a wheelchair is used, i will make sure to lock its brake and fold the foot rests, as soon as my position it near the bed. I need to adjust the height of the bed in its lowest position-this way it will be easy for the patient to step down on the floor, thus, decreasing the risk of injury from falling. I will lock the brake of the bed and then assist the patient in doing side lying position, facing the direction of the transfer. I need to lace one arm under the shoulder of the patient and the other arm supporting the patients’ thigh on the opposite side. Count to three and then carefully swing the legs of the patient over the side of the bed and assist him in lifting his trunk and shoulders until he is in sitting position. If patient is strong enough to do some movements, i can allow the patient to participate on the manoeuvre. I will ask patient to use the leg on the outer...
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