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Topics: Confidence trick, Boy, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Lubomir Panayotov
m-w 6-8

(1) My first movie was on “La lengua de las mariposas” translated in English means butterfly tongue, this has to be one of my favorite movies that I have watched even though it was not even in English I really enjoyed it and learned much from it the meaning of this The story is mainly about a young boy and his connection with the teacher who thought him much about the world and literature. This is Moncho the young boy first time going to school. In the beginning moncho is very scared that the teacher might hit him because of standard procedures but he soon realizes that the teacher don does not hit his students. The setting is and a fascist’s country and moncho father is a republican so is the teacher when they captured the teacher moncho father feared of being captured and taken away they left. Than the family goes down to the town center where all the republicans were while they were being put in the truck moncho moms make him throw rocks and says dirty things to the captured at the end he yells out a word that his teacher taught him in other to let his teacher know he doesn’t mean those things he said. (2) My second movie was “bituiful” was excellent movie about a father who takes care of his two children young children Ana and Mateo he separated from his wife who was an alcoholic and had bipolar disorder. Growing up as an orphan uxbal has no family other than his brother Tito who dose construction. Uxbal is pretty much a street hustler who organizes illegal immigrants with Chinese who produce forged goods and a group of Africans selling the products, uxbal is able to talk to the dead and one of the dead people send him a message to pass it on. Ubxal is than diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and is told he only has a few months to live he then falls apart and starts go through chemotherapy than he stops which reallys shows u how strong this man has to be going through everything He then is...
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