Movies Influence on a Person's Life

Topics: Psychology, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Movies Influence on a Person’s Life
Movies have always been used to instruct and entertain people. Throughout history movies have thought people about war, love, life and death. They have made people happy and sad, angry and remorseful. There is no doubt that movies have had some very important effects on people’s behavior. The movies influences affect in young children as they pass through different levels of growing up, and on people who often watch movies and incorporate them in their own real life activities. The primary reason is that movies have cultural and moral influences on people. For instance, Youngsters love to watch the dancing princesses or the evil ninjas, because of a lack of judgment and knowledge. They will copycat the actions and behaviors in everything whether it is playing, clothes or habits. Children do not have the sense to differentiate fact from vision. They think, what they see is real and can happen to them in the future. Furthermore, horror movies created from imaginary stories that show the dark sides of life have the primary aim of scaring and shocking the audience. This can lead to the development of fears and insecurities in the mind of a child. Young children like to use phrases from the movies, and experience the same style of living. Children believe that all those ideas, characterized in movies, are good and correct. Movies include various kinds of contents. In some, for example, scenes involving murders are broadcast, in which a person is killing or being killed by someone. This event in fiction may cause a person to justify bloodshed or murder psychologically. In addition, movies also persuade people to think about themselves, people imagine being placed in a movie instead of the original character. This thought can change a person’s behavior in the real life. It is not strange when a writer gives a solution for a problem in the movie; but people may think that this is the only option for facing the same issue in real life,...
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