Movies Have a Negative Impact on Us

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  • Published : October 29, 2010
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What is influence? Influence is simply a power that affects a person, things, or a course of events, especially without any direct effort. And, what these external forces that affect us? It can be anything right from our parents talking style that has an impact on our speech to the emotional atmosphere in a room. It is very easy to be influenced by anything and everything. Being Indians movies are a part and parcel of our lives, whether they are in Hindi, Bengali, Bihari or any other language that we are capable of understanding. Right from the era of silent movies to an era of Dolby effect enhanced movies we have loved and followed them religiously, waiting for Friday nights when a new movie would grace the sliver screens. These movies have been not only influenced by us but also they have influenced us. I truly believe that movies today are influencing us negatively. Therefore, I strongly stand by the topic that has been given to me, ‘movies have a negative influence on our lives.’ In a widely acclaimed movie like ‘tare zameen par,’ which addressed a serious problem of learning disabilities, made a huge impact on us. The fact that LD’s are so widely accepted that every child who is unable to maths is inevitably labelled with a tag that says, ‘I have a learning disability.’ Why do we forget that the child might simply be uninterested in the subject. The child either has to be good at the subject or have LD, he is not allowed to dislike a subject and be average. We have been influenced to such an extent that we have forgotten a middle path and chosen to follow the extremes. In movies we have often seen a middle class boy make it big, or even without an education the protagonist makes it big. No amount of struggle is shown in movies, the hero who has problem finding a house, is dressed immaculately. We have forgotten that in reality every situation is not that easy to handle and not each person is going concede to your wishes, there is constant struggle....
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