Topics: Horror film, Film, Horror and terror Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: January 31, 2013
After watching the movie Zombieland I noticed that it was a very gory film, but I didn’t find it scary just very disgusting. It was interesting to see that only a hand full of humans survived the violence from the zombies. In the movie Columbus struggled to survive because before the zombies took over he was full of anxiety and was very fearful of being around people. He made a list of things on what to do to survive in the world, but the zombies overrode everything that was on his list. For example the comedy part in the movie had to do with these items that he has listed like, #1 Cardio- he said that if you can’t run then you can’t outrun a bear just your buddy and he said that the fatties were among the first to go because they are easy to catch. A few of the other list was “Beware of the bathroom” and always “Double tap.” That’s more of a comedy part of the movie. Columbus had other things that he had written on his list that made me laugh and that were very comical in the entire movie. The horror part of the movie had to do with the character Tallahassee was the guy that no one wanted to mess with, his job was shooting and killing zombies he had more of the horror parts of this movie and his character clearly enjoyed killing these zombies. But in all of this violence all he really wanted was his twinkles. This film was a lot of fun, but the ending dragged on they could have cut out a few scene. The next film was Shaun of the dead, this movie was a little different I thought this movie was more horror instead of comedy and it also had a few romance scene that kind of threw me off. The details in this film were great, especially in the scene where they are in the bar and Kevin is fed up with everything and he goes out the doors and the zombies attack him they start to rip Kevin’s limbs apart as if his body was piece of paper and eating his guts. I think this movie offered a lot of entertainment when it comes to a little bit of romance a lot of horror scene and...
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