Movie Summary: Big Fish by James Cameron

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Weston Klee
GE 2442
Big Fish Essay

After watching the movie “Big Fish” by James Cameron, it was very apparent that the son and father had a very different point of view on what the definition of the truth is. For the son, the truth is very factual and objective. He only cares about the facts and the and realities of the truth. I do believe that the sons version of the truth is a more correct version. For example if you were to write a police report you would write it more the way the son would tell a story, focusing mainly on facts and not elaborating about emotion and how things seemed to you.

When I think about a fact I immediately think of science. Science is all about facts and laws and things that can be proven to be 100% accurate and correct. A fact is the same way, It can be proven to be correct over and over again. Reality refers to the state of things as they actually exist. But reality can be different to different people. For example an adult would seem like a giant to a child but an adult seems normal size to an adult. So in a way each persons reality can be different. Facts are things that are indisputably the case. They cannot be opinionated at all or they would not be facts.

The son thinks his father is a liar because to him the truth should be told in an objective way. He doesn't understand that the father is telling that story as it seemed to him at the time, the way he felt about the events. The son does not understand this so he thinks his father is lying. His father is technically lying because the way he exaggerates it is no longer the absolute truth. But again he is explaining how things appeared to him at the time. The son thinks that his father has never shown his true self because he does not believe any of the stories based on facts. What the son does not realize is the father is really telling the story with more emotion and detail than if he would just tell his son the facts. But the son quickly dismisses them...
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