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Jay is the name of the two protagonists in the film, one is living, the other dead. The living Jay is producing a documentary of the dead Jay, a gay teacher who was brutally killed. As Jay recreates and examines the life of his subject, his own life is affected when he unravels his subject's hidden life and secret love. Written by Anonymous Jay is the name of the two protagonists in the film. Jay Santiago is a gay TV producer documenting the family of a gay hate crime victim who happens to be his namesake, Jay Mercado. In the process of producing for his TV program, Jay Santiago intrudes into the private grief of the other Jay's family and he is drawn to the secret life and love of his subject. Warning: Do not believe everything you see as truth. Written byanonymous Jay is a Philippine independent film about a filmmaker who makes a documentary on the life of a murdered teacher, and in the process solves the crime. Shot in Bacolor, Pampanga, it is directed by Francis Xavier Pasion and stars Baron Geisler. It was the unanimous choice for the Best Film Award in the Full-Length category of the 2008 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival competition. It was the first feature film in competition to be shown in the 2008 Venice International Film Festival’s Orrizonti (New Horizons) sidebar. -------------------------------------------------

[edit] Synopsis
Jay Mercado, a homosexual teacher from Pampanga, has been found dead in his home, the victim of a violent murder. Television producer Jay Santiago, himself a homosexual, decides to create a documentary on the murder. He takes advantage of Mercado’s impoverished family to create a high-rated documentary, which is shown in the first 15 minutes of the film. As it turns out, through the documentary the criminal is found and brought to justice. -------------------------------------------------

[edit] Themes
Jay deals with the issue of media exploitation in a Philippine context. As noted by J. Neil Garcia, the film seems to suggest that exploitation is inevitable in Philippine mass media, even when well-intentioned. It shows the extreme and at times morally questionable lengths television producers will go to in order to create a sensationalist product that will capture the attention of the masses. At the same time, it shows how their subjects consciously aid them in producing the desired effect, implying that the manipulation is mutual. In this way the film highlights some of the moral contradictions that most Filipinos, rich or poor, live by. -------------------------------------------------

[edit] Criticism
Notable performances include Baron Geisler’s highly commended portrayal of Jay Santiago, the persuasive and manipulative television producer, andFlor Salanga’s portrayal of the role of the late teacher’s grieving mother who tries to present herself effectively on camera for the television documentary. The Cinemalaya jury, in awarding Jay Best film, commended it "for its sheer originality, its energetic storytelling, its mastery of digital technology in order to tell a story that is a trenchant commentary on the technology itself, and its very revealing take on the media and the uses and abuses of the truth..."

On ‘Jay’ and indie films 
‘Miserablism’ and other urgent observations
By J. Neil C. Garcia
First Posted 05:22:00 10/03/2008

Filed Under: Cinema, Entertainment (general)
MANILA, Philippines ? Strangely enough, the uncanny resemblance between Francis Xavier Pasion?s award-winning digital feature ?Jay? and Jeffrey Jeturian?s equally interesting, more technically accomplished but less celebrated ?Tuhog? has gone largely unnoticed among many local critics, in the wake of the hubbub and fanfare that was Cinemalaya 2008. In both films, the awesome power of media to manipulate and exploit the lives of the downtrodden in order to create efficacious and profitable fictions is brought to the fore, becomes dramatically unmasked, and in...
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