Movie Review Tyler Perry's the Family That Preys

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 4 (1690 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Tyler Perry’s
The family that preys

This is a good family movie that can show the viewer’s how some people prey on one another. This movie reminded me of the times my brother and I didn’t get along. It shows how different families are and how they treat one another. Sadly this movie also shows how family members can be so cold blooded. This movie duplicates real life situations where innocent People get hurt, family loyalty gets divided and couples end up in divorce. This movie is centered on two main couples and a few supporting characters. Chris & Andrea

This couple is different than most in many ways. Andrea, the wife character is all about money and power and thinks only about herself. Chris is a hard working husband who works as a construction worker for Cartwright inc. the same company his wife works for. Chris and Andrea were right out of college when they married. As time goes on, you can see that neither Chris nor Andrea lived their life for the lord, both allowed themselves to become too busy to go to church. Chris still hung onto his morals remaining a faithful husband and a loving father. However Andrea, unlike Chris was flirting from the day they got married with Mr. Cartwright who became their boss. During the four years of their marriage she was getting large bonuses for carrying on an affair with Mr. Cartwright. These three characters obviously live without God and do things of a secular nature in their life. I think Chris and Andrea could have had a blessed marriage and a good life had they let God lead them. Andrea behind her husband Chris’s back is hiding the money that Mr. Cartwright has been giving her over the years. Chris while at the bank one day finds out that his wife Andrea has a separate account with 286.000.00. This is example is a lesson on trust within a marriage. BEN & PAM

This couple is shown to be the opposite of Chris and Andrea. Ben and Pam are loving and close, they work on their marriage and communicate and...
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