Movie Review: Run Lola Run

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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"Run Lola Run" is a movie directed by Tom Tykwer. Three different alternatives Lola's thoughts makes the movie more interesting. By the minor events during Lola's run make people think a lot about the movie.

Coincidences play the most important role in the movie and next is luck and random events. The beginning of the movie starts with the needs DEM 100,000 from Lola's boyfriend- Manni in 20 minutes, since he loses the money belong to his boss on a train. A homeless man picks it up but he was unable get it back onto the train before it left the station. Manni needs the money before his boss finds out and he plans to rob a grocery store. Lola wants him to wait for her and she decide to ask her Dad who is the executive of a bank. In the first run, coincidences happen when she runs toward her father's bank and cause a car accident who is later shown as her father's friend.The most ironic coincidence is when she passes by the homeless man who keeps the money of her boyfriend and he carries a lot of stuffs which he bought by the money. As Lola runs to the bank, she finds out that her Dad has a mistress, he doesn't want to stay with his family anymore and he is even not her real father. Lola can't stand on it and she decides to run to where her boyfriend is as. By the time she is at the place, her boyfriend decides to steal the grocery and she decides to help him. They try to run away but the polices stop them. By a mistake, a police shoots Lola. In the second run, one of the different coincidence with the first run is when he Dad denies to give her the money and she decided to rob his bank. Luck happens when the polices outside try to arrest the robber but they didn't think that is her and even tell her to go away. After that the random event happens when the ambulance hits the mirror which some guys are carrying it. Lola still runs to where her boyfriend at, he saw her but he is hit by the ambulance instead of Lola's shoot from the first run. In the last run, luck...
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