Movie Review, Remeber the Titans

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Movie Review of Remember the Titans (2000)

While watching the movie, Remember the Titans (2000), I was examining Coach Boone for the quality of leadership but soon realized I was most compelled by his assimilation of his players into their sense of self and community. Therefore, my review focuses on the competencies of community building and programming. I saw Coach Boone as strong student affairs professional. His actions and position could very well reflect that of a college coach, instructor, or dean in current times or days past. He embraced his role as a coach but also as a role model whose responsibility was not only to win games but to develop the young men on his team into productive members of their community. From the beginning, he stressed the importance of being “one”. Taking players from diverse background, religions, and race and attempting to help them realize they are different but still the same is a difficult task, especially in the civil rights era in which the movie takes place. Coach Boone resembles Abraham Lincoln’s leadership traits by influencing the players through storytelling of experiences to help see the grand idea (Phillips, 155). Coach Boone attempts to create the obvious lesson of Gettysburg to the players’ current situation by making a midnight run to the battlefield. By telling the story of the battle, Coach Boone is using the results of the past to hopefully dictate the events of the future. The most compelling attempt to create a strong community among the players was Coach Boone’s instance of intermingling between the races. He forced players to do ordinary activities together to realize their similarities rather than focus on the difference of skin color. In Lincoln on Leadership, Philips explains Lincoln’s attempt to create alliances between those whom you see the most difference (Phillips, 31). Respecting others and the melding of differences is a key component to a strong community. Coach Boone also uses this technique between himself and Coach Yoast in establishing a sense of community between their families. The end result in both the leadership shown by President Lincoln and Coach Boone was similar. The two men helped create a community of acceptance, resolution to difficult times, and strong men willing to overcome racial, ethnical, and religious beliefs for the enhancement of the community. Both men were leaders in civil arenas in which the need for a strong community would be the building block for a positive future. It is evident from the end of the movie and history that both men were successful in their endeavors.

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Lincoln on Leadership – Book Review
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Review of Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times by Donald T. Phillips In the preface to Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times (1992), author Donald Phillips relates the surprise he felt when, beginning his research into the leadership style of the man most would agree was our country’s greatest leader, he realized that he was plowing untilled ground. No one had yet written a book on Lincoln and leadership; as a matter of fact, the Lincoln Library, which keeps an exhaustive inventory of works about our 16th president, could only find three articles dealing with Lincoln and leadership. Phillips had been inspired by descriptions of the president visiting his generals on the battlefield; the president’s practices seemed to parallel what Phillips was learning about management and leadership, particularly the dictum that executives should leave their “Ivory Towers” and “get to know their people” (p. ix). What he had seen in his reading about Lincoln was what he felt was missing in much of the abstract discussions of leadership: “tangible...
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