Movie Review on Marie Antoniette

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  • Published: January 2, 2013
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The title of the film is Marie Antoinette. The director of this film is Sofia Coppola, the first American woman to win the Golden Lion, the top prize at the Venice Film Festival. It is a biographical story of Marie Antoinette, the Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France and of Navarre, who happens to have a very controversial life when she was still reigning as Queen at the height of French Revolution.


* Marie Antoinette – the controversial Queen of France
* King Louis XVI – the Dauphin of France and became King when King Louis XV died * King Louis XV – father of King Louis XVI
* Madame Du Barry – King Louis XV’s mistress
* Empress Maria Theresa – mother of Marie Antoinette
* Ambassador Mercy – Austrian minister whom Empress Maria Theresa sends to advise Marie Antoinette * Emperor Joseph II – Marie Antoinette’s brother
* Comtesse de Noailles – person who taught Marie Antoinette etiquettes in the palace * Count Axel Von Fersen – a Swedish count whom Marie Antoinette had an affair with * Comte De Vergennes – Foreign Minister during the war between America and England who became King Louis XVI’s adviser that time * La Princesse De Lamballe – one of the confidantes of Marie Antoinette * Duchesse De Polignac – Marie Antoinette’s favorite and confidante * Comte D’Artois – brother-in-law of Marie Antoinette * Comte De Provence – brother-in-law of Marie Antoinette * Princess Marie Therese – eldest child of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI * Louis Joseph de France – second child and first son of Marie Antoinette and King Louis * Leonard Autie – hairdresser of Marie Antoinette


The setting of the film is in Palace of Versailles where Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI live. This story happened at about year 1770 onwards.


Fourteen-year old Marie Antoinette was whisked away from her family and friends in Vienna to marry Louis XVI to solidify the harmony between Austria and France. She has been told by Comtesse de Noailles to leave her Austrian side. They have been married shortly thereafter and so on their first night, nothing happened. People in Versailles say that Marie Antoinette is just a spy and a foreigner whom they don’t trust. Her mother, Empress Maria Theresa, continuously writes her letters advising her to behave and most especially produce an heir as soon as possible. The empress also advised her ways to inspire Louis XVI. Empress Maria Theresa also advised her to stop snubbing Madame Du Barry and talk to her as a sign of respect. At a reception, she then talked to her and she told Louis XVI that that will be her last words to utter to Madame Du Barry. Once, the empress wrote a letter again to Marie Antoinette reporting her good news that her siblings had children already, this disappointed her so much. So, days after, Marie Antoinette had been engaged to gambling, parties and she started to buy elaborate gowns, diamonds, and a lot of different pastries. She also had Leonard, her hairdresser, to make elegant hair dresses for her. One night, she went to a masquerade ball with Louis XVI and other confidantes, drunk so much, and met Count Fersen. When they had gone home, unfortunately, King Louis XV died and they have no choice but to rule as King and Queen even though they are still young and not that ready. Marie Antoinette had been lavishly extravagant and when the War of American Independence started and America asked for France’s help, they sent further finances. Because of the growing poverty in France, Emperor Joseph II tried to counsel Marie Antoinette about her constant parties and gave King Louis XVI an advice wherein he can use his hobby to make a baby. And so that night, they had a baby. It was a baby girl and they named it Marie Therese. She had great times with her daughter at Petit Trianon, a small chateau at Versailles. And one night, the Americans met the royal...
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