Movie Review of Babies

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Aaron Frederick
Lifespan Development
1:00 Class
"Babies" Response Paper

Let me first say that I really liked this movie not only because of all the cute babies, but because it showed life in different countries and how raising a baby somewhere else in the world can influence who that baby is as a person. Culture obviously has a huge part in development and this movie was good at demonstrating that. This movie raised some thought provoking questions for me as well. Most deal with development in some way or another.

I characterized the four babies into two groups: modern and obsolete. The modern babies were those of the U.S. and Japan. The obsolete group consists of Namibia and Mongolia. Within the groups there are many similarities such as the style of living, use of hospitals, and so forth. There were some differences within the groups as well such as writing on the feet of baby Mari and type of care given to the baby.

In the obsolete countries, babies seemed to be left unsupervised more often than in the modern communities. Many times, they would be watched by a sibling. This led the babies to do more mischievous things such as unrolling paper around the living room or fighting between siblings. Then the parents would get angry at their child because they (the parents) left the baby unattended and he or she got into trouble. This could lead to rebellion against parents later in life, assuming the scolding goes on.

In the modern communities, the babies were very well supervised and rarely left unattended. In the U.S., Hattie went everywhere with her mom or dad. She was viewing the world for all it had to offer at a young age. In Japan, Mari attended daycare where she was watched all day by an adult. It seems to me that the more modern societies seem to provide almost too much love to their new born. (If that's possible.) Parents want their baby to be safe, but this may have an effect on the baby's development.

In class we talked about how long it...
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